16th Century

Sir Edmond Tuite, of Tuitestown, was born in 1587. He married Alice, daughter of James Fitzgerald of Laccagh, and died in 1633, leaving issue by her, who remarried with Walter Nugent of Portloman. He was father of the Lady Abbess of Bethelen near Athlone, of the Order of St. Clair, which was burned and plundered by the Cromwellian soldiery during the war of the Confederation. Edmond, his son, born in 1612, a Catholic forfeited his estates for his loyalty to the old faith. He married Mary, daughter of Sir Oliver Tuite of Sonna. (In the list of confiscation’s, 1658, we find the names of Sir Oliver Tuite Empor, and Dame Mabel Tuite, Sonna). William, his son was killed at the battle of Aughrim, 1691. He was Brigadier General in the army of James II. Walter, of Tuitestown, who with his brother, served in the same army, was attainted, 6th William and Mary.


The Age of Christ, one thousand five hundred ninety-five.

“Theobald Burke, the son of Walter Kittagh, son of John, son of Oliver, son of John, laid siege to Belleice, a castle in the barony of Tirawley, in the county of Mayo, and it was then defended by the Governor's warders. When the Governor received intelligence of this, he ordered his brother, Captain John Bingham, Captain Foal, Captain Mensi, the son of William Boy Tuite, with many other gentlemen, to go to the relief of the castle with provisions and arms; but, before they could relieve the warders, Theobald had obtained possession of the castle. They then returned home in sorrow; and Theobald went in pursuit of them, piercing, surrounding, disturbing, and slaying them throughout that fair day, so that they lost many men, and much arms and armour. On this day he slew Captain Foal, Captain Mensi, and the son and heir of William Tuite, with many others, both of the gentlemen and common people, not enumerated;  and all who escaped did so by virtue of their prowess, valour, and superior knowledge. “

"Calendar of the Patent Rolls Ireland" in March 10, 1510 mentions a contract between Vater Tuit, Lord Mc Richard, and Nicholas Dalton.

1560 Grant of Land

On the 20th January, 1560, the following grant of Church property was made by Queen Elizabeth to Sir Richard Tuite – “Grant to Sir Richard Tuyte, Knight, of the state, ambite, and precinct of the late monastery of Molingar, in the County of Westmeath, a small castle and five gardens,  59 ½ acres of arable land surrounding the said monastery; and parcel of its demesne, with a mill, six cottages, 300 acres of arable and pasture land in Sleyvne and Ballyclonen, Westmeath, to hold to the said Richard for life without impeachment of wastes with remainder to William Tuyte, his son, and heirs male; the remainder to Richard, son of the said William, and his heirs male, they to maintain two able horsemen of the English nation for the defense of the premises, to be held by military service – that is to say, by the fourth party of a king’s fee.” This monastery, during its existence, paid our marks annually to the Bishop of Meath. The Sir Richard referred to lived at Tuitetown.